3 Reasons Why You Need a Fire Feature

3 Reasons Why You Need a Fire Feature

May 14, 2019

If your outdoor living area is the crown jewel of your home, then why not have access to it year-round?

A fire feature can not only add an intriguing new talking point to your outdoor living area, but it can also extend the functionality of the space by warding off seasonal usage.

1. Dual Purpose

Fire features have a wide range of both functional and aesthetic appeal. A roaring fire can warm up your outdoor living area on even the coldest of nights, but if you don’t enjoy the smokiness that can come with natural fire features you can always add a smokeless fire place instead. Certain fire bans can even be hurdled with a smokeless fireplace while still providing the warmth of the wood burning option.

2. Trending Up

As outdoor living areas become more popular fire features do too. With the beautiful aesthetic appeal an outdoor space can bring why wouldn’t you want it to be functional to show off year-round? Fire features have become the centerpieces to many of our outdoor living projects. Rather than gathering around the TV inside, a family can gather around the fire feature in their own backyard and share a story about their day just like at the dinner tables of old.

Outdoor Fireplaces - Stone Fire Place

3. Added Value

Making your outdoor area more livable will always increase the value of your home, but adding a fire feature that can not only function as the cherry-on-the-top of your outdoor living area, but also extend its usability into the colder months is an addition that can be worth its weight in gold.


So Why Wait?

If you’re ever wondering about what the addition of a fire feature may look like, check out our project portfolio for inspiration or contact us for ideas and imagery of the many possibilities. Stone Creations Northwest will work with you to make sure your outdoor living area is exactly as you imagine.

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