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Fire Features

Outdoor fire features are more popular than ever.  These radiant masterpieces bring warmth, light, and a sense of home to any outdoor space. In addition to being an excellent source of heat, perfect for those colder fall and winter nights, fire features also add color and ambiance to your outdoor room. Enjoy the illuminating glow of a fireplace or fire pit with the people you love throughout every season.

Custom Fire Feature Design

At Stone Creations Northwest we offer a variety of custom fire features including:

Outdoor Fireplaces - Stone Fire Place

Custom Outdoor Fireplaces

Fire Feature - Stone Fire Pit

Custom Outdoor Fire Pits

Fire Features - Tree Stump Fire Pit

Tree Stump Fire pits

Burning Systems

Fire Features

Gas Burners

  • Provide a nice, clean burn

  • Turn on and off instantly

  • Come in natural gas (NG) or propane (LP)

Fire Features - Tree Stump Fire Pit

Traditional Wood Burning System

  • Provide a more natural fire feel

  • Less expensive to operate

  • Have a pan or are lined with refractory brick

Custom Fire Feature Construction

At Stone Creations Northwest, we utilize ClifRock’s panel masonry system which means your fire feature can be installed in a fraction of the time and at a better value than traditional methods.

Blazing Beats

Bring your music to life with a sound responsive fire feature that adds warmth and illumination to your favorite songs.  Blazing Beats amazing Dancing Flame Technology can be installed on both new and existing fire features. Best of all, in addition to auxillary input, Blazing Beats allows you to seamlessly stream music from any Bluetooth device.


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