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Outdoor Kitchens

Whether you’re entertaining guests or just grilling out with family, outdoor kitchens are the heart of any outdoor space.  At Stone Creations Northwest we custom design, build and install kitchens suited to meet your needs.

Outdoor Kitchen Design

When planning your outdoor kitchen, you want to consider the size of your patio, deck or space where the outdoor kitchen will be located.  Making sure the outdoor kitchen footprint is proportional to your space is important for allowing enough room to walk around and congregate.

The three most common outdoor kitchen configurations are; straight - Island (S-Series), L-Shape Bar Island (L-Series), and U-Shape Kitchen (U-Series).

Outdoor Kitchens - Straight Bar Design

Straight outdoor grill stations or BBQ islands are perfect for small spaces and can be built on the perimeter of your patio or along an existing exterior wall.

Outdoor Kitchens - I-shape-bar design

L-shape outdoor kitchen and bar islands work well in small to medium size spaces and can be placed on the perimeter of a patio. L-shape layouts are perfect for those grill masters who want more cooking, prep and bar space.

Outdoor Kitchens - u-shape-bar design

The U-shape outdoor kitchen requires a medium to large space and is the ultimate layout when it comes to prepping, cooking, and entertaining. The U-Shape layout also offers convenience by having the ability to add multiple built-in appliances, utilities, and components all in one place.

Stone Profiles

In addition to shape, another aspect of design you will want to consider is aesthetic. Our outdoor kitchens are available in a variety of stone profiles that will compliment your home and existing landscape.
Outdoor Kitchens - Cliff Stone

Cliff Stone

Outdoor Kitchens - Dry Stack

Dry Stack

Outdoor Kitchens - Ledge Stone

Ledge Stack

Outdoor Kitchens - Random Rock

Random Rock

Outdoor Kitchens - Beachwood

Barn Wood

Outdoor Kitchens - Round Rock

Round Rock

Color Options

Color Options - Grayscale - Brownscale - Base Tan

Outdoor Kitchen Construction

Quality materials are imperative when engineering any outdoor structure.  For this reason, we at Stone Creations Northwest utilize Clifrock Panel Masonry Technology on all of our outdoor kitchens, bars and grill.  The Clifrock system ensures long-term durability throughout the construction process and beyond, and our accredited professionals make sure that every project is built and installed to a standard of unmatched excellence.


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