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Stone Creations Northwest builds custom water features to enhance the natural beauty of your commercial or residential landscapes and poolscapes. Water features add both value and a sense of energy to your outdoor spaces, from the calming stillness of a pool or a garden koi pond, to the soothing trickle of a water wall, to the bubbling energy of a boulder waterfall cascading into a swimming pool. How can water features enrich your outdoor space?

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Man made waterfalls are a great way to bring one of natures greatest treasures into your backyard. Waterfalls add sound, motion, and vitality to your landscape – all while increasing the value of your property. Popular waterfall styles in the Pacific Northwest include running boulders, ledge waterfalls, cascading boulders, and masonry water walls.

Running Boulder Waterfall

Running Boulders

Running boulders are smaller waterfall features made up of only one or two boulders. This style water feature is ideal for patios, koi ponds, and pondless water features.

Cascading Boulder Waterfall

Cascading Boulders

In this style of landscape waterfall feature, water descends over a series of multiple boulders. Cascading boulder waterfalls are great for large water features, pools, and ponds.

Ledge Water Wall Waterfall

Ledge Waterfall

Ledge water walls offer a more intense sound and are perfect for commercial water features. Water descends vertically, making little to no contact with the rock structure.

Masonry Water Wall Waterfall

Masonry Water Wall

Similar to the ledge waterfall, this water feature style offers a stone wall look rather than a natural boulder look. Water falls over the masonry water wall with almost no contact with the wall.

Fountains, Spouts & Spillways

Fountains, wall spouts, spillways, and colorfalls bring the sights and sounds of water into your landscape with a more modern and formal twist. They are an elegant alternative to more naturalistic ponds and waterfalls. These turnkey solutions install fast, have low operating cost, and require little maintenance.

Water Features


These versatile, decorative water features can be installed in hardscapes or landscapes, in-ground or above-ground, indoors or outdoors. Features a reservoir of nearly any shape or size, a recirculating pump, and a decorative fall.

Water Features - Spillways

Wall Spouts

Wall Spouts add old world charm with a modern twist that evokes the past while fitting in perfectly with contemporary walls and patios.

Water Features - Spillways

Formal Spillways

Add the allure of falling water to any vertical wall. Formal Spillways have an overflowing lip or edge built into or onto a vertical surface, a basin, and a circulation system to keep the water flowing.

Water Features - Spillways


Brighten the night with enchanting, sparkling water features illuminated from within by glowing LED light in your choice of up to 48 vibrant colors and numerous captivating color changing patterns.

Swimming Pool Features

Add entertainment value and beautify the aesthetics around your pool with custom swimming pool water features. Rock and boulder features add the most value, but using natural materials is very limiting, especially in renovations and retrofits. Stone Creations Northwest uses state of the art products and ClifRock’s boulder panel system to simply, easily and affordably to add pool features like waterfalls, grottos, and waterslides to your residential or commercial poolscapes.

Pool Diving Boulder

Diving Boulders

These decorative and safe alternative to traditional diving boards serve as a fun spot for people of all ages to jump in and dive off.

Pool Cascading Boulder

Cascading Boulders

This style features water running over a series of multiple natural looking boulders. Great for pools, ponds, and large water features.

Pool Water Slide

Water Slides

Pool water slides are a fun and entertaining addition to your swimming pool. Customize your slide to the exact design and layout you want, including our signature tree log water slide!

Pool Boulder Mountain Waterfall

Boulder Mountains

This large panel rock structure has a series of waterfalls that elegantly fall into a pool or pond. Water slides, grottos, or caves can be built into a boulder mountain waterfall.

Pool Grotto Waterfall

Caves or Grottos

A grotto is a waterfall with a cavern that sits on the edge of a pool, allowing you to swim inside the chamber and watch the falls from behind.

Landscape Water Feature Design & Construction

Unless you are fortunate enough to have naturally-occurring ponds, springs, waterfalls, or water slides in your landscape, an engineered solution will be necessary. Fortunately, Stone Creations Northwest makes it easy and affordable to add a beautiful and durable custom water feature to your backyard or business. We partner with top manufacturers ClifRock, Atlantic Water Gardens, and American Aqua Works to bring you the very best quality materials, processes, and finished products. We work fast, make it look easy, and design it all just for you.


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